Baby it's Bieber, he can be your fever.

Oh Justin, you're so fine, you're so fine, you blow my mind....go justin...oh oh GO JUSTIN! I live in England babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. -i'm so proud of you Justin! Thank you for everything!

Who needs to know? 

Will also follow back, gives great advice too!

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FOLLOW http://yourenevergonnafitinmuch— She’s amazing..if you need any help with anything. Read her ”feeling down?” section. Stay strong everyone!

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Demi arriving at airportwith her Ellen pillow last night

Demi arriving at airportwith her Ellen pillow last night

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Gordo: setting the bar impossibly high for men since 2000


Spoiler Alert: I married Gordo. That’s why y’all can’t find him. He’s been off the market since 20005;


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Shay Mitchell by Elias Tahan

Shay Mitchell by Elias Tahan

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friendly reminder that after each passing day you are closer to finding your soulmate

and your grave

and eating your next pizza

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I want to see how sick people are. Reblog if you have ever been bullied physically or mentally. Ever been called a name. Cried at night. Ever been cyber bullied. Just reblog if you have been bullied.  

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